Hoisin Sauce “Suree Brand” 700ml

Hoisin Sauce “Suree Brand” 

Net content: 700 ml / 890 g


Hoisin Sauce “Suree Brand” 700ml

  • Suree Hoisin sauce is a great dipping and marinating sauce for chicken, duck, or your choice of meat. It also adds extra flavour to stir-fry and noodle dishes.
  • Great “essential” topping sauce for Phở

Ingredients: Sugar 43%, Water 23%, Fermented soy bean (Brine 66,5%, Soy bean 27%, Wheat flour 3,6%, Rice flour 2,9%) 22%, Salt 5%, Garlic 3%, Sesame seed 2%, Thickener (Modified corn starch) 1%, Acidity regulator (Acetic Acid) 0,5%, Colour (Ammonia caramel) 0,3%, Spices (Coriander seed, Star anise, Cinnamon) 0,2%.

**Allergy advice: See bold letters.

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Hoisin Sauce “Suree Brand” 700ml